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Online Workshops

House of Palms also run private workshops, perfect to reconnect with friends or to improve the workplace vibe.

Often when you work remotely building relationships in a workplace or improving team culture can be a little difficult, which is why we have created our virtual botanical workshops!


They are the perfect activity to foster a fun workplace Covid safe live stream workshop just for you.

Our talented teachers have a warm, fun and friendly approach to teaching making our workshops perfect for beginners or to do even with a wine in hand (if that's your jam!). Our aim is to make this experience as hassle free as possible so we deliver all the botanicals and tools, live stream workshop at a time just for you and allow everyone the opportunity to create something beautiful they can keep in their home and enjoy.

Sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination.

If you would like further information in our Virtual Workshops, please contact us.

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Flower Arranging
from $74 per person
Terrarium Building
from $74 per person
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