Each person, wedding or event is unique and so should your flowers. The prices below are a starting point and most flowers should fall within the prices below.

For each wedding or event we will first meet for a consultation and discuss your vision and ideas and nut everything out. I will create a quote based on everything we discuss and send that through to you.


Prices are flexible and can change. We can chat openly about this during the consultation and I will always be open, honest and transparent with everything.

Bridal Bouquet                                  from $180

Bridesmaid bouquets                       from $160

Flower crowns                                   from $60

Flower girl crowns                            from $50

Hair flowers                                       from $30

Button holes                                     from $18

Corsages                                           from $30

Wedding arch corner                       from $250

Wedding arch full                             from $400

Table flowers                                     from $50

Table garlands per metre                from $25

Wedding cake topper                     from $45


Book in for your consultation today - Lets chat!

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