Let’s get full nerd: This plant comes from the Araceae family, a Latin word meaning “abnormal”. I like to think it’s because of the unique beauty of the plants that are part of this family.

As the name suggests, the Monstera deliciosa can grow monstrous... don’t worry, it will take years so don’t freak out while you sleep. In the right conditions, when it matures it can also grow some deliciosa fruit.



Sun: Bright sun lit room out of direct sun or medium light.

Water: Keep the soil moist during summer but during winter allow the top centimetre of soil to dry out between watering.

Love: This is a tropical plant so would love an occasional mist of the leaves. It will eventually need to climb up a totem.



Height: From the top of the soil to the top of the plant, our Monstera range in height from approximately 40cm to 50cm... and will continue to grow much bigger.
Model height: To give you an idea of the plants scale, our handsome model is 180cm tall.



Smith Planter: You’ll find info on our Smith Planter on its product page.

Mr Mister: Give this tropical plant some extra love.



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Monstera Deliciosa | Fruit Salad Plant


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