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About Us

Born from a love of nature and being surrounded by its beauty, House of Palms is a small, family run business. Originally founded on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, House of Palms has now calls Adelaide home.

After spending almost a decade in the events industry, botanical lover, floral designer and creator, Emily Palm studied floristry and fell madly in love. And in 2016 House of Palms was born.

"Our goal for House of Palms is simple, spread happiness through botanicals."

They say when you find a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life again. This couldn't be any more true for Emily and this passion resonates throughout every facet of House of Palms.


Our Number One hot tip for any workshop: Best learnt with a glass of bubbles in hand!

Weather its a corporate gig, a private party or just because, all of our workshops are aimed at the complete novice. Our goal is to keep you smiling, break the ice, have fun and learn something new and at the end of each workshop you walk away with something a sense of accomplishment that you created something amazing with your own 2 hands... Cheesy! but true.

Visit our workshop page to have some fun.


Flowers are like a dream. They exist purely to make you happy, to elevate a moment. And then they are gone. But you'll have the memories forever.

It would be our absolute pleasure to create something magical for you.

Visit our Weddings page to make some magic.

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